Lab Ball Mill For Iron Ore Grinding

Lab Ball Mill For Iron Ore Grinding

The lab ball mill planetary is ideal for:
Geology and Mineralogy, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceuticals
Metallurgy,Material Technology,Sample Preparation For Analysis
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Lab Ball Mill For Iron Ore Grinding


The Planetary Lab Ball Mill with 4 working stations delivers fast and reliable, due to the particularly high-energy effect of the grinding balls, grinding results of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, tough and moist materials down to colloidal fineness. Depending on the desired final fineness, can the grinding be performed dry, in suspension or in inert gas.

Besides for grinding, the Planetary Mill can be utilized for mixing and homogenizing of emulsions and pastes or for mechanical activation and alloying in material research. The fixed transmission ratio, rotational speed regulation and precision quartz timing ensure exactly reproducible grinding conditions.


  1. Fast rotation speed up to 800 rpm

  2. For some materials, final fineness down to 0.1 μm

  3. Uniform fine comminution of large sample amounts

  4. Simple, ergonomic handling and easy cleaning

  5. Grinding jars and balls in 10 different materials to suit all needs and avoidance of contamination 


  1. The planetary lab ball mill  is ideal for:

  2. Geology and Mineralogy, 

  3. Chemistry, 

  4. Biology, 

  5. Pharmaceuticals

  6. Metallurgy,

  7. Material Technology,

  8. Sample Preparation For Analysis