Lab Ball Mill For Minerals

It is ideal for mineral products grinding for lab research like coal, limestone,quartz,etc
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Lab ball mill for Minerals


The lab ball mill is for ideal for lab fine powder grinding, it can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods by impact and friction force of grinding jars and media balls.

The planetary lab ball mill can grind 3-10mm particles down to nano powder, the final fineness is greatly varies with different materials, like clay, kaolin etc can be down to 100nm, Alumina, silicon powder can be down to 2μm.

It is ideal for mineral products grinding for lab material research, like coal, limestone,quartz,etc

Detailed specifications:

Product nameDECO-PBM-V-0.4L planetary lab ball mill
Optimal for material typemedium-hard,hard, brittle, fibrous, viscous
Working PrinciplesImpact and friction force
Process TypeCrushing, grinding, mixing, homogenization, alloying and dry/wet mixing
Materials of ball mill jarsStainless steel, agate, zirconia, alumina, tungsten carbide, PU,PTFE, PA, etc
Materials of milling ballsSS, agate, zirconia, alumina,tungsten carbide,etc
Carrier volume25ml / 50ml / 100ml 
Media Ball diameter3/5/8/10/15/20/25mm
Grinding processdry /wet grinding
Number of working stations4
Bi-direction grindingYes
Power cut memory functionYes
Overload protection functionYes
Vacuum protection processingYes
Low temperature cooling grindingYes
Inert gas protection grindingYes
Machine size502*300*296mm
Net weight/ Gross weight32KG/ 38KG
Packing dimension610*370*370mm

Working process:

Application area: