Lab Planetary Ball Mill For Ceramics

Heavy structure planetary ball mill: All components are reinforced, The machine runs stable, low noise,long service life. More suitable for heavy grinding jars (stainless steel, zirconia, cemented carbide, etc.).
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Lab Planetary Ball Mill for Ceramics

Lab Planetary ball mill is designed for grinding, grinding, dispersing metal, non-metal, organic, Chinese herbal medicine and other powders, especially suitable for laboratory research and use. Its working principle is to use abrasive and test material to roll in the grinding tank at high speed, and produce strong shearing, punching, rolling to achieve the purpose of grinding, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying materials. The planetary ball mill is equipped with four ball milling tanks on the same rotary table. When the rotary table rotates, the ball milling tank rotates around its axis while rotating around the axis of the rotary table, making a star like motion. The grinding balls in the tank collide with each other in high-speed movement, grinding and mixing samples. The product can be used to grind and mix products with different particle sizes and materials by dry and wet methods. The minimum particle size of the grinding product can reach 0.1 μ M. Because of its advantages of small batch, low power consumption and low price, it is the first choice for schools, research units and companies to carry out crushing technology, new materials and coating research. 

Lab Planetary ball mill for Ceramics

The four ball milling tanks of DECO-PBM-V-4L-A planetary ball mill are located in the center of the planetary disk, which tends to be symmetrical. When the planetary disk is running, the ball milling tank rotates around the center of the planetary disk and rotates in the opposite direction of the axis at the same time. The rotating speed ratio of the planetary disk and the ball milling tank is 1:2. When the ball milling medium in the ball milling tank moves together with the ball milling tank, it is affected by the double superposition of strong rotation force and deflection force. Because of the difference of movement speed, the ball milling tank and the ball milling medium produce strong friction force and impact force, and produce huge energy. It is the use of this huge energy that makes the planetary ball mill have excellent effect on the material crushing.


1. Strong and fast grinding to achieve high-precision discharge effect;

2. There are many kinds of materials which are fine, pollution-free and suitable for grinding;

3. Low noise, low vibration, more comfortable to use;

4. The control of grinding data such as rotation speed and time can ensure the repeatability and consistency of sample grinding;

5. Equipped with a variety of ball milling tanks of different materials to grind at the same time, with the diversity of grinding samples;

6. It supports dry grinding, wet grinding, vacuum / pressurized grinding, inert gas grinding and low / high temperature grinding;

7. Grinding room and control room are equipped with high ventilation and heat dissipation system;

8. The control system has strong controllability, convenient parameter setting, various functions, intuitive digital display, simple operation, one-piece operation and safe use;

9. Power off protection function, automatic storage of grinding data;

10. The use method of ball mill and ball tank is simple;

11 simple and convenient maintenance and repair;

Technical Data:

Item No.


Compatible Grinding Jars

(100/250/500/1000ml) * 4

Max Feeding Capacity

2/3 capacity of the grinding jar

Operation Mode

2 or 4 grinding jars working simultaneously

Feeding Granularity*

Soil materials < 10mm, others materials < 3mm

Discharging Granularity(depend on materials)

Minimum 0.1μm

Sample Type

hard, medium-hard, soft, fibrous, brittle, moist

Rotational Speed of Grinding Jar


Rotational Speed Ratio (planetary disk : jar)

1 : 2

Drive Mode

gear drive and belt drive

Speed Control

stepless speed regulation

Electrical Details

220VAC, 50Hz, 0.75KW/ 110VAC, 60Hz

Max Continuous Grinding Time

72hours (full-load)



Dimension (L*W*H)


Noise Level

< 70dB

*If the sample feed is larger than these then it must first undergo preliminary size reduction. 



 Standard exported polywood case
 Gross weight: 140-160KG

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