Micro Powder Planetary Ball Mill

Micro powder grinding machine Used for:grinding, mixing, homogenization, nano-grinding, mechanical alloy,etc
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Product Details

Micro powder planetary ball mill

Working principle:

The grinding sample is comminuted by high-energy impacts from grinding balls and friction between balls and the grinding jar wall. Minimum granularity of the final product can be as small as 0.1 micron.

( Note:  How to achieve finer or desired particles with this ball mill is a research project, which is depended on material to be mill, grinding time and speed, combination of grinding jar and milling ball etc.  It is your responsibility to find the best milling procesure based your material.  Welcome you come to DECO to do test before purchase.)

Used for: grinding, mixing, homogenization, nano-grinding, mechanical alloy

Application fields: Electronic materials, soil, aviation materials, batteries, ceramics, biology, geology and mineral resources, metallurgy

Detailed specifications:

Suitable samples: soft, hard, brittle, fibrous

Grinding method: dry or wet, vacuum grinding or inert gas protection grinding

Feeding capacity: normally 1/3 volume of media balls, 1/3 volume of materials, and leave 1/3 space for working

Feeding size: Soil materials <10mm, other materials <3mm

Discharging granularity: Most materials 2-10μm, some materials like clay down to 0.1μm

Rotation speed of grinding jar: 0-1100rpm

Control mode: Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, programmable controls, LED display, automatic timing positive inversion, time off

Detailed images: 

  • Ball Mill Jar

  • Ball Grinding Media