Planetary Ball Mill For Alumina Powder

Grinding alumina powder Wet grinding can be down to 4 micron
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Product Details

planetary ball mill for alumina powder

Working principle:

The material is crushed and torn apart in two or four grinding jars by grinding balls. The grinding balls and the material in the grinding jar are acted upon by the centrifugal forces due to the rotation of the grinding jar about its own axis and due to the rotating planetary disk.

The grinding jar and the planetary disk rotate in opposite directions, so that the centrifugal forces alternately act in the same and opposite directions.

This results in, as a frictional effect, the grinding balls running along the inner wall of the jar, and as an impact effect, the balls impacting against the opposite wall of the grinding jar.The impact effect is enhanced by the grinding balls impacting against one another.Loss-free grinding, even in the case of grinding of suspensions, is guaranteed by a hermetic seal between the grinding jar and the cover.


Techinical data:

Item NO.: DECO-PBM-V-0.4L

Product name: Lab planetary ball mill

Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz  or 110V AC 60Hz 

Power: 250W

Jar rotation speed: 1100rpm

Planetary disk revolution speed: 550rpm

Feeding size: soil material<10mm, other materials<3mm

Output size: Depend on materials, minimum 0.1μm

Product dimension: 502*300*298mm 

Packing dimension: 610*370*370mm

Gross weight: 40KG

Alumina powder milling by planetary ball mill:

Material: Alumina particles

Feeding size: 2-3mm

Grinding tools: Alumina jars+ Zirconia balls

Grinding methods: wet grinding,adopt alcohol as solvent

Rotation speed: 400rpm

Working time: 6 hours

Output size: 4μm