Planetary Ball Mill Powder Metallurgy

Lab ball mill is mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, dispersion of nano material, new product development and small batch production of high technology materials necessary device. The product has the advantages of small volume, complete function, high efficiency, it is the ideal equipment for scientific research units, universities, corporate laboratories to obtain micro particles of sample.
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Product Details

Planetary Ball Mill Powder Metallurgy

Application area:

Ores, Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry, Medicine, and Environmental Protection, etc.

Technical Data:

 Grinding mode Dry/wet/vacuum/atmosphere protection
 Feeding material size*  <3mm(soil materials<10mm)
 Final fineness Normal 2~10um, for some materials down to 0.1um
 Max capacity 1/3 volume of ball mill jars
 Working station 4
 Max rotation speed of ball mill jars 850rpm
 Max revolution speed of sun wheel 425rpm
 Ball mill jars capacity 50ml/ 100ml
 Ball mill jars material 304stainless steel/Al2O3/zirconia/hard alloy/ PA/PTFE/Agate
 Milling ball size 3mm-20mm
 Time setting digital display,00:00:01 - 99:59:59 
 Power 0.25kw /220v/50hz
 Dimension 502*300*298mm

* If the sample feed is larger than these then it must first undergo preliminary size reduction. 

Ball Mill Jars for optional:

mill potsphotobank (1)

Vacuum/ Gas protection jars

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Grinding Media Balls 图片17.jpg 

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