Small Ball Mill For Sampling

Small ball mill for sample grinding
Mainly used for lab material research
Minimum output: 0.1 mircon
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Small ball mill for sampling


Planetary small ball mill is a necessary equipment for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparing for lab new product developing and material researching.


1.Stable revolving speed of the gear transmission ensures the consistency and repeatability of the experiment.
2. The machine is controlled by frequency converter, you may choose ideal rotating speed according to expected experimental result. 
3. The planetary ball mill has functions of timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotating. You may choose freely any operation modes of one-way direction, alternation, succession, time setting according to experimental needs, so as to improve efficiency of grinding.
4. Low center of gravity, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, low noise

Techinical data:

Name:planetary small ball mill for smapling 
Type: Bench-top design
Working principle:Impact plus frictional force/ Coriolis force
Grinding mode: wet and dry
Number of grinding station:4
Material of grinding jars:304stainless steel, PA, PTFE, PU, Agate, Alumina ceramic,      Zirconia, Cement carbide, etc
Material of grinding ball: 304 stainless steel, Zirconia, Agate, Alumina ceramic, Cement carbide, etc
Grinding ball diameter: 3-25mm
Final fineness: Minimum 0.1 micron (depend on materials )
Rotation of grinding jar: 40-1100rpm
Transmission ratio grinding jar/ planetary disk: 2:1
Continuous operating time: 72 hours
Control: rotation speed control, timer, programmable grinding and break time  and grinding sequences
Electrical detail: 110V 60Hz, 220V,50Hz,  250W
Packing detail:Size: 61*37*37CM     GW:38KG


Planetary small ball mill working procedure:

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Grinding examples:

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