Analyze the main technical parameters of double planetary ball mill

- Apr 23, 2018-

The technical parameters of the double planetary ball mill are as follows:

1. The ball mill jar uses two planetary motions. Ball mill tanks have high ball milling efficiency and fine grain size under high frequency impact, linear impact force and friction force. (National First)

2. Simultaneously equipped with 4 ball mill jars, 4 samples of different materials can be made at one time, which is convenient for technicians to research new formulas and develop new technology materials.

3. Feeding particle size: The soil should be less than 10mm. Other materials should be less than 3mm. According to the user's needs, the ball mill can be made into a vacuum type (50ml to -5000ml).

4, the machine can use wet, dry, ultra-fine grinding or mixing of materials, grinding products minimum particle size can be 0.06 microns.

5. The transmission method of the machine adopts a chain transmission device with new technology. Maintenance eliminates the need to adjust and replace belts due to belt wear.

6, frequency control, can choose the ideal speed according to the test effect.

7, the big turn revolution: 50-400 rev / min

Small turntable revolution: 100-800 rpm

Planetary axis rotation: 100-800 rpm

Ball Mill Rotation: 200-1600 rpm

8, the whole machine has a regular shutdown, timing, positive, reverse and free choice of one-way, alternating, continuous, timing and irregular operating mode, improve grinding efficiency.

9, motor power 0.4L, 2L, 4L, 0.75KW, 220V, 50HZ.16L, 20L, 5.5KW, 380V, 50HZ.

10, the aircraft center of gravity is low, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, safe and reliable, low noise, no pollution and low loss.