Attention must be paid to the use of high energy planetary ball mill

- Nov 25, 2020-

First of all, in the process of grinding, the deformation is more severe and a lot of heat is easy to be generated. It is possible to cause combustion for some materials. It is generally recommended to pass some protective gas. Some partners may not know too much about some elements, especially after dry grinding, open the ball mill jar directly. The lighter one is that the fire and black smoke will be ignited inside the jar, and the serious ones will directly cause explosion. In fact, this situation is easy to solve. Firstly, it can be operated directly in the vacuum glove box, without oxygen, it can not cause fire; secondly, it can pass some protective gas, namely inert gas; thirdly, it can be directly grinded by wet grinding or at low temperature. Because the high energy ball mill will grind the material very fine, which will lead to the release of a large amount of heat. Some elements are highly active and easy to oxidize, but if operated properly, this is not dangerous.

Then pay attention to maintenance, regularly check the parts of high-energy planetary ball mill to prevent damage, and pay attention to cleaning residual materials after each use. Lubricating oil must be added regularly to keep it clean. When the equipment is running with discordant sound, it should be stopped in time and checked and repaired. As an instrument for high-intensity operation, the maintenance and routine maintenance of planetary ball mill will affect the service life and work efficiency of planetary ball mill. we hope you will bear it in mind.