Can low temperature planetary ball mill prevent oxidation and spontaneous combustion?

- Oct 12, 2019-

The grinding process of all planetary ball mills belongs to mechanical crushing process, which contains high energy. Some of the mechanical energy will be converted into internal energy. If this part of the internal energy cannot be transferred in time, the internal temperature of ball mill jars will increase continuously.

The planetary ball mill has a wide range of grinding materials. Some materials can not bear high temperature. Moreover, after grinding into ultra-fine powder, the physical and chemical activity of the material increases greatly, which makes it easier to oxidize and ignite, and the high temperature can also cause such safety hazards as combustion and explosion.

Low-temperature planetary ball mill is equipped with air-cooling equipment on planetary ball mill to take away heat generated by grinding with continuous cold air, so as to stabilize the internal temperature of grinding within a qualified and safe range, so as to prevent material oxidation and spontaneous combustion, and ensure the grinding effect and safe production.