Difference between planetary ball mill gear and belt planetary gear train

- Sep 15, 2020-

Planetary ball mill is favored by the users of powder mechanical grinding because of its high performance, high efficiency and easy to use. Compared with the previous ball mill equipment, it has a higher effective speed, more intelligent control mode, of course, the structure is more complex. Especially the planetary gear train, the main running part, has a great influence on the life, stability and maintenance of the planetary ball mill.

Planetary gear train of planetary ball mill is mainly divided into belt planetary gear train and gear planetary gear train.The belt planetary gear train is driven by belt between the main shaft and the four planetary shafts, while the gear planetary gear system adds transmission gears besides the main shaft gear and planetary gear.

Gear and belt planetary gear train of planetary ball mill

Compared with belt transmission, gear transmission has simple structure, no noise, and has certain buffer and vibration absorption effect; while gear transmission is more stable and accurate, with greater power and speed, and better service life and efficiency. Although the two planetary gear trains have their own advantages, with the popularization and application of planetary ball mills, in order to meet the requirements of higher energy and efficiency, planetary gear trains naturally have more advantages. Therefore, planetary gear trains are basically used in planetary ball mills on the market.

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