How many materials can planetary ball mill grind at a time?

- Sep 17, 2020-

The planetary ball mill, in theory, is the maximum volume of all the ball milling jars, which adds up to a few liters. Then this planetary ball mill is a machine of several liters. The size of the ball mill determines the amount of grinding materials. And a standard version of the machine at least need to install two ball milling jars to ensure the operation of the machine balance. If we take the 4-liter planetary ball mill as an example, it shows that the maximum capacity of the four ball milling jars of the planetary ball mill is 1L each. The materials of the ball mill can be selected: stainless steel ball milling jar, vacuum jar, agate jar, ceramic jar, nylon jar, polyamide jar and polytetrafluoroethylene jar. When equipped with vacuum ball mill jar, the vacuum sleeve needs to be equipped separately. It can be equipped with ball mill jar specification: 50ml ~ 1L; it can be equipped with 50ml ~ 500ml vacuum ball mill jar.

At the same time, because there are grinding balls in the ball mill jar, the size of the grinding balls is 1 / 3, that is to say, each jar can hold 1 / 3 of the material. The remaining 1 / 3 is the operation space, so when selecting the machine, if you need to produce 4 L materials at a time, you need to choose a larger machine. If you have any problems in the use process, you can contact Changsha DECO Equipment Co., Ltd.