How to choose planetary ball mill and jar

- Nov 06, 2020-

As far as buyers are concerned, when we buy the planetary ball mill, we are known to be most concerned about its price and work efficiency. Then, first of all, when selecting the planetary ball mill manufacturer, we should make a comparison among several manufacturers; we should understand the manufacturer's production capacity and after-sales service; moreover, if you have the conditions, you can go to planetary ball mill factory for on-site machine test and grinding.

The following is a brief introduction to the selection of planetary ball mill of DECO company.

Take planetary ball mill as an example: the total volume is 4L, and the vertical planetary mill with 4pcs 1L volume ball milling jars can be installed; therefore, what type of equipment should be selected according to the quantity of materials needed to be ground at one time;The grinding capacity is one third of the total capacity, that is, the grinding capacity of a 4L machine is about less than 1.5L.

A large machine can be equipped with a small ball mill jar, but a large ball mill jar can't be put into a small machine,that is:4L planetary ball mill can be matched with 100ml/250ml/500ml/1L jars.

Selection of ball mill jar:

Ball mill jar materials are: 304/316 stainless steel, agate, corundum(alumina), tungsten carbide, nylon, zirconia, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane lining, etc;It is necessary to determine the material of the ball mill jar according to the properties of the sample~If the sample can not be contaminated, choose a ball mill jar with higher hardness than the sample,If the sample cannot be oxidized, the vacuum ball mill jar should be selected;

Grinding balls ratio:

The efficiency depends on the balls (large, small, more, less), sample properties, particle size, weight, rotation speed, and operation mode.

Generally, the best effect can be obtained by using the big ball and small ball together, and the higher efficiency and better sample can be obtained by combining the big ball with the small ball.

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