How to choose the right planetary ball mill and related grinding jars,media balls

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. To choose the right machine volume: 

Alumina bullk density: 1 g/cm3

Volume = Mass / Density = 1 / 1 =1


As the grinding material covers 1/3 of the mill pot volume, mill balls cover 1/3 of the mill pot volume, and the left 1/3 for grinding space.

The mill pot volume : 3 * 1 = 3 L 

We suggest 4L planetary ball mill machine. 

2. To choose suitable grinding jar and media balls:


He will use the machine to grind alumina powder. 

Considering less pollution, we suggest the following mill pots and mill balls:

   1. Alumina pot + alumina balls

   2. Zirconia pot + zirconia balls

   3. Alumina pot + zirconia balls


3. Grinding report:

Material: alumina powder

Alumina pot+zirconia balls

Grinding method: wet grinding: Solvent: alcohol

Feed size: 2-3mm

Feed quantity: 1kg

Rotation speed: 400 rpm

Grinding time: 6 hours

Discharging granularity: 4μm (4 micron)