How to choose vertical / horizontal /all directional planetary ball mill

- Mar 15, 2021-

At present, planetary ball mill is widely used in laboratory.

Planetary ball mill is divided into three types according to the operation mode:

1,Vertical planetary ball mill


The ball mill tank/jar/pot runs vertically with the ground,for conventional grinding, if there is no special requirement for most samples, vertical machine is recommended;

2,Horizontal  planetary ball mill

H-B (1)

Ball mill tank/jar/pot runs with the ground level operation,it is suitabal for some samples are easy to sink and agglomerate;

3,All directional planetary  ball mill

IMG_0747 In addition to planetary motion, the whole planetary disk can be turned over 360 degrees and is a switch controlled by itself,in the process of grinding, the sample can be grinding and the uniformity of the sample can be maximized.

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