How to classify ball mills

- Sep 15, 2020-

Brief introduction of ball mill and its practical field

The grinding medium in the ball mill is mainly steel segment or steel ball. The grinding force of this kind of ball mill is large, and the mechanical structure is simple and the running speed is stable. ② The rod mill is mainly used for grinding steel rod medium. The diameter of steel rod is between 50-100 mm, and the grinding time is long. The number of bins of rod mill is generally two to four, and there are certain differences in the grinding media in each bin. In order to ensure the final effect of grinding, the staff will put the cylindrical steel bar in the first bin, and the steel ball or steel section will be placed in several other silos. ③ The grinding medium in gravel mill mainly includes pebble, gravel, sand and stone, ceramic ball, etc. The gravel mill mostly uses porcelain or granite as lining board, which is widely used in the production of colorful cement, white cement, ceramics and so on. We can classify ball mills according to the following method.

1. Classification by unloading method

① Tail discharge mill: the end discharge mill is used as the inlet and outlet of its abrasive. When the mill is working, the staff feed the abrasive from the inlet end, and then unload it from the other end. ② Medium discharge mill: the inlet of the medium discharge mill is at both ends, and the outlet is in the middle of the mill. The staff generally feed the abrasive from both ends, and then unload it from the middle of the cylinder.

2. Classification according to ore discharge method

① Overflow type: discharging ore through hollow shaft. ② Grid type: ore is discharged through lattice plate. ③ Peripheral type: the ore is discharged through the periphery of the barrel.

3. Classification by transmission method

① Base drive ball mill: the driving power end of this kind of mill is in the body base, and the motor realizes the work of ball mill through reducer. During the operation, the hollow shaft of the ball mill base is driven by the power system and the grinding body reverses. ② Edge drive ball mill: the motor drives the gear at the edge of the cylinder through the reducer, and then drives the cylinder to move.

4. Classification according to work characteristics

① Wet mill: add water to the ball mill at the same time, discharge into a certain concentration of slurry and discharge, in the closed-circuit system and hydraulic classification equipment constitute a closed-circuit work. ② Dry mill: some discharging materials are drawn out by air flow, and the mill and the wind classification device form a closed circuit. For example, the cement mill adopts gravity discharge

Do you have specific identification methods for the classification of ball mills! If you have any questions, watch the Deco ball mill video introduction.