How to control the grinding granularity of planetary ball mill

- Apr 23, 2018-

Since the development of the ball mill, the planetary ball mill has become the king of powder and superfine grinding equipment. This is attributed to its high efficiency, high performance, simple operation, wide range of motion, etc. It is also an essential part of the current small and medium-sized laboratories. Grinding machine. For planetary ball mills, there are countless materials to be ground each time, and the characteristics of the materials are also bizarre. The result of grinding is not the same for each material. It is precisely because of the different materials that we have to control at any time. Good planetary ball mill grinding granularity, then how to control it?

For the planetary ball mill, the control of the grinding granularity is generally performed from two aspects of changing the milling time and the rotating speed. Because of the variety of materials, it does not mean that the higher the speed of the planetary ball mill, the better, the longer the grinding, the finer it is, but the best speed and grinding time should be controlled according to the characteristics of the material itself.

In addition, the type, size, loading rate, and ball ratio of the grinding ball are all factors that affect the grinding granularity of the planetary ball mill. Planetary ball mills, theoretically a few liters of machinery, mainly refer to how large jars can be made. A machine needs at least 2 cans to ensure the balance of the machine's operation. For example, we use a 4-liter planetary ball mill as an example, that is to say, four cans with a capacity of 1 liter can be selected. The material can be selected from the following: stainless steel ball mill tank, vacuum tank, agate tank, ceramic tank, nylon tank, polyamine Fat cans, Teflon tanks. With a vacuum ball mill tank, the vacuum jacket needs to be reprovisioned. Can be equipped with ball mill tank specifications: 50ml ~ 1L; can be equipped with 50ml ~ 500ml vacuum ball mill tank. At the same time, because the jar is a ball, the ball occupies a size of 1/3, which means that each can be loaded with 1/3 of the material. The remaining 1/3 is the operating space, so if you need to discharge 4L at a time when selecting the machine, you need to select a relatively large machine.

Planetary ball mills support both dry and wet grinding, but wet milling is more efficient and finer than dry milling. In the grinding process, the addition of grinding aids or dispersants reduces the agglomeration and re-melting of the materials; the addition of grinding aids and dispersants should also be noted that the finer the particle size of the ball mill powder is, the larger the surface area, the The increase will add more.