Installation of ball mill jar for planetary ball mill

- Nov 02, 2020-

Planetary ball mill can be installed with four ball mill jars or two symmetrically. However, it is absolutely not allowed to install only one or three jars. After installation, the bolts should be tightened first and then the nuts should be tightened by using the accessory force casing provided by the manufacturer, so as to prevent the grinding jar from loosening when the ball mill is working. Because the centrifugal force of planetary ball mill is very strong, this work must be done well. After the canning, cover the protective cover. In case of any accident during the operation of the ball mill, if the protective cover is loose or falls off, immediately disconnect the safety switch, stop the operation of the ball mill, eliminate the accident immediately, and then cover the protective cover again and restart.

When unloading the ball mill jar, it should be noted that due to the mutual impact between the grinding balls and the grinding jar during the operation of the ball mill, the temperature and pressure in the grinding jar will be very high after a long time. It is necessary to wait for the ball mill to cool down before disassembly. One side of the mill powder is ejected by high pressure, even causing explosion. If conditions permit, it is better and safer to operate discharge in the vacuum glove box.