Introduction of DECO-PM-2*5L horizontal roller jar mill

- Nov 25, 2020-

DECO-PM-2*5L can also be used for laboratory powder system sample. This machine can place two ball milling tanks with arbitrary volume of 0.5L to 5L, and the maximum grinding capacity is 10L. The product has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, high grinding efficiency, uniform discharge, long service life, etc Forward and reverse operation, intermittent operation, punctuality, are widely used in various fields of industrial powder production and research and development of teaching samples.

Working principle:

The drive shaft of the jar mill rolls at high speed under the power of the motor, and the polyurethane rubber roller pulled by the drive also drives the ball mill to roll. In the ball mill jar, the material and the grinding ball produce infinite energy under the action of gravity, collision and conflict. It is this energy that makes the materials form uniform damage, which can be used for material mixing, homogenization and polishing.

Examples of application:

Paint, wet grinding, titanium oxide, quartz sand, zirconia, alumina, graphite, fiber, seed, glass, cement, soil, etc

Technical features:

1. The transmission shaft is made of chrome plated materials, which is bright and beautiful without rust, and is convenient for lateral adjustment of cots;

2. It is made of thick square steel. The shell of the control cabinet is made of precise workmanship and thickened raw materials. All of them are solid and durable;

3. The inside and outside of the surface are sprayed with milky white plastic, which is flat, exquisite and corrosion-resistant;

4. Select Delixi brand control system and excellent motor of Dedong brand;

5. It is convenient to open the control cabinet for maintenance and repair;

Function advantages:

1. The operation time can reach more than 150 hours, and the operation is stable and needs no attention;

2. The machine can adjust the space between the movable shaft and the main drive shaft horizontally, and also can adjust the spacing of the rubber roller longitudinally, which is suitable for different ball mill pot applications;

3. Pulley drive, high speed, low noise, safety, energy saving and environmental protection;

4. Variable frequency control, stepless speed regulation, operation direction change, time keeping, intuitive LED digital display and simple application;

5. It can be used for ball milling of stainless steel, nylon, polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene;

6. It can be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, vacuum grinding and inert gas grinding;

7. Fine particle size, good consistency, good repeatability and uniformity;

The above is the basic information introduction of DECO-PM-2*5L horizontal roller jar mill. If you want to know more about mill, please consult