Learn about the five-point principle of planetary ball mills

- Apr 23, 2018-

First, the choice of planetary ball mill tomb type principle is to meet the functional requirements of the control system, we must pay attention to more than A. For the H system modifications and process changes to provide convenience.

Second, in the transformation, pay attention to the peripheral equipment and the selected PLC type.

Thirdly, the interlock protection of the relay ladder program should be combined with the interlock protection of the contactor and the relay contact in order to achieve more effective and more detour protection. For example, in the PLC program, h: lock protection is applied to the forward and reverse rotation control of the motor. However, the actual AC contactor contact welding cannot be disconnected. In this case, the motor commutation must cause a short circuit in the power switch. If you increase the mutual exchange of the positive and negative contactors, you can avoid short circuits.

Fourth, in order to ensure safety, the major safety protection part is not connected to the PLC, but directly for hardware processing. For example, emergency stop button, emergency limit switch, etc. Do not receive P than the pumping terminal, directly access the PLC output terminal to protect the load circuit.

Fifth, the laboratory ball mill should ensure the maximum safety of the control system.