Maintenance of planetary ball mill

- Apr 01, 2021-

Maintenance of planetary ball mill

After each use of the planetary ball mill, it is necessary to clean the ball mill tank/jar/pot, balls and machine,the ball mill tank/jar/pot and grinding balls need to be put into the machine for cleaning, just like the sample grinding, only water and detergent are put into the machine.dry the water after washing,if possible, it is best to keep them in a sealed vacuum,if not,just keep them in a clean and dry environment;

After each use of the machine, it also needs to be cleaned,wipe the water and stains, and check whether the button switches of the machine work,check the jar holder,check the belt;

If the noise of the machine becomes larger after a period of use,it is necessary to consider whether the machine should be refueled.

About refueling, you can consult our customer service staff(, different machines add different oil, and refueling hole in different locations.