Planetary ball mill how to reduce the grinding ball damage?

- Apr 23, 2018-

Many users find that grinding balls wear more seriously when using a planetary ball mill. Why does this happen? What are the consequences of excessive wear on the grinding balls? Laibu Technology's technical staff told us that if the grinding ball is excessively worn, it will cause the grinding effect to be poor, and it will increase the use cost of the grinding ball. Therefore, we should reduce the abrasion of the grinding ball as much as possible during use.

Then some users wonder: How can you reduce wear and tear? Is it to reduce use? For these questions, Laibu Technology answered us in detail: The damage to the grinding ball of the planetary ball mill does not mean to reduce the number of users, but instead pays attention to several factors in daily use, so that grinding balls can be avoided. Damage situation.

First, the size of the grinding ball, the ratio and the loading amount, the quality of the grinding ball will change with the size, planetary ball mill under a certain speed, the greater the quality of the ball, the greater the impact. When the grinding ball size is configured, the collision probability between the same size of the grinding balls is higher, and the grinding balls are prone to fatigue and wear, and the loading amount of the grinding balls also affects the collision probability between the grinding balls.

In addition, the size and speed of the planetary ball mill also need attention. The larger the planetary ball mill is, the larger the diameter of the ball mill tank is, and the movement speed of the grinding ball will increase accordingly, and the impact will also increase, accelerating the wear. The same is true for speed too fast. But also to understand the type and nature of the grinding ball, different grinding balls with the density, hardness, elasticity, wear resistance and the degree of acid and alkali resistance, wear will be different.

Finally, we must consider the nature of the planetary ball mill grinding materials, material hardness, brittleness, shape and size of the grinding ball grinding process has a very important impact.

If the above factors are all taken into account, then the damage of the grinding ball can be greatly reduced. If any machine wants to use it for a long time, it cannot do without our daily maintenance. Pay more attention to small details and you will find that the results are often unexpected.