Planetary ball mill maintenance

- Apr 23, 2018-

Ultrafine powder equipment Planetary ball mill has maintained a hot market since its inception. From Harbin to Hainan, and from Xinjiang to Shanghai, laboratories, research institutes, and corporations that require powder grinding equipment in various regions are full of planets. Ball mill figure. However, for most users, the maintenance and maintenance of the planetary ball mill is not very clear, so we specifically consulted the experts and engineers of the planetary ball mill of Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Co., Ltd. to summarize the planetary ball mill for the users. Maintenance and maintenance. 

After many years of improvement, the planetary ball mill has been very easy to maintain. In order to operate the equipment more stably for a long period of time, the following periodic inspections and maintenance are required:

Regularly check the looseness of the bolts in each mechanical part;

Check the position of the grinding tank for misalignment, looseness and deformation;

Periodically replace some of the planetary gear oil (oil seal model) or add grease;

Regularly inspect the bearing and drive belt for wear, and the bearing is regularly filled with grease;

Regularly check if the power cord of the electrical part is loose and control the heat dissipation of the box body.