Planetary ball mill PK ordinary ball mill

- Apr 23, 2018-

Ordinary ball mill mainly refers to roller type ball mill. Its principle is to add grinding balls and materials in the drum. When the drum is rotated by the motor, the materials and grinding balls will rotate with the drum in the ball mill and wait for a certain height to fall freely after each other. Collision, friction, and squeezing are used to achieve the purpose of grinding, so the roller type ball mill is limited by the critical speed.

Planetary ball mills are developed from ordinary ball mills. They use the same principle of ball milling, but with different modes of operation, they have very different ball-milling effects.

Planetary ball mill uses planetary operation: the material and grinding ball are mounted in a ball mill tank. The planet main disk is equipped with 4 planetary ball mill tanks. When the motor drives the main disk to rotate, the ball mill tank is reversed when rotating with the main disk. rotation. When reaching a certain rotation speed, the main disk centrifugal force and the centrifugal force of rotation rotate together, so that the grinding ball and the material leave the wall of the ball mill tank and impact at high speed to the other side. Compared with ordinary ball mills, planetary ball mills can freely control the speed, and high-energy, multi-directional collisions allow the material to be ground to the finest detail, relatively speaking, it is better than blue and blue.