Planetary ball mill wet or dry grinding

- Jul 03, 2018-

Planetary Ball Mill Grinding Methods

The selection of dry or wet grinding will have a great effect on the results of material grinding by a planetary ball mill. How to choose a more suitable grinding method, you should know the difference between the two kinds of grinding methods.


Wet grinding is a more common method. Compared with dry grinding, its grinding efficiency is higher and fineness is better. The process of material grinding is that the large particles of material appear to crack under the friction, shear and impact of the grinding medium of the planetary ball mill. With the longer the action, the cracks accumulate and break into small particles.

During dry grinding, the collision between particles and particles and grinding medium will make the crack heal again, resulting in the formation of small particles. When wet grinding, the liquid grinding aid will enter the crack to prevent its "healing", and the formation of small particles will no longer be affected, thereby improving the grinding efficiency and fineness.


But when wet grinding, different grinding aids are needed to prevent it from reacting with the material to produce other substances during the grinding process, resulting in grinding failure. During the drying process, there may be crystallization imagination in the drying process of the material, and the particles aggregate together to form agglomeration, resulting in a reduction in the grinding effect.

In dry grinding, due to the shape of the grinding tank itself, there will be a certain dead angle, and the material at dead ends can not be fully ground. It is also not suitable for dry grinding when materials need to be mixed and dispersed.