The main meaning of planetary ball mill: ultra-fine grinding

- Apr 23, 2018-

As a powder grinding device, the planetary ball mill has been very popular among users. It is suitable for superfine grinding of experimental samples in the laboratory. It can grind different hardness materials and can be used in chemical plants to grind and mix chemical raw materials. Pharmaceutical companies ultrafinely smashed herbs. What is the main significance of such a machine?

From the point of view of the characteristics of planetary ball mills, grinding materials into powders for ultra-fine grinding is its main significance. By increasing the surface area of the material and using a planetary ball mill for grinding, the material becomes finer because the surface area is doubled and the activity is greatly increased. The grinded material can be fully and rapidly chemically reacted, providing new materials, scientific experiments, and factory production with higher efficiency and even unexpected novel effects.

In addition, the degree of homogeneity of mixing two or more materials plays an important role in its synthesis. The planetary ball mill can grind the materials while also making it homogeneous and mixed. It has great value for powder metallurgy, mechanical alloys and other methods. The significance.