What effect does planetary ball mill grinding on material properties?

- Oct 29, 2018-

What effect does planetary ball mill grinding on material properties?

When researching a material, it is  necessary to grind it to a certain particle size, and materials of different sizes will show different characteristics. As the most popular powder grinding equipment, planetary ball mill can grind materials to different sizes, but what effect does ball mill grinding have on material properties?

When the planetary ball mill grinding materials, the materials are subjected to mechanical-chemical-mechanical repetitive action. In addition to changes in physical properties such as increased plasticity and surface area, the chemical properties and sintering properties will also be changed.


After a long time grinding of quartz by planetary ball mill, analyzed that the quartz particles will change with the grinding time; 

the montmorillonite grinding will destroy its crystal structure, leading to the precipitation of aluminum and magnesium ions; 

After the oxide material is ground, its activity will increase to different extents; 

after the ceramic powder is ground, the reactivity is improved and the sintering becomes easier; 

when the materials such as carbonate and magnesium carbonate are ground, the decomposition temperature of the material will also be significantly lower.


It can be seen from the above that the planetary ball mill grinding has an important influence on the physical and chemical properties and structure of the material.