What is an all-round planetary ball mill?

- Apr 23, 2018-

Planetary ball mill is currently the preferred equipment for ultrafine powder grinding. It has been the focus of major powder equipment manufacturers. The cryogenic planetary ball mill, double planetary ball mill, all-round planetary ball mill... all kinds of new planetary ball mills There are endless streams, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Now let's take a brief look at the all-round planetary ball mill.

In general, the planetary ball mill only has planetary disks running in a plane when grinding, and there is no problem in wet grinding and dry grinding of some materials. However, for some materials, especially when the material density is greater than the density of the ball, the material will continue to sink due to gravity. The materials are all gathered at the bottom and cannot be rubbed or bumped with the grinding ball or the grinding tank wall to achieve the grinding effect. This is what we call the sinking and knotting of the materials in the planetary ball mill grinding process.

In order to solve this problem, an all-round planetary ball mill came into being. Since the vertical planetary ball mill will produce a bottom and knot board on the fixed work surface, it will not be fixed. The omni-directional planetary ball mill has a unique structure that enables its planetary plate to rotate 360° at the same time as it rotates on the planet. It stops the sinking and gathering of materials by constantly changing the bottom of the work, so that the part is easy to sink and easy to knot. The grinding of the plate material becomes simple and rapid.

Tianchuang powder omnibearing planetary ball mill is specially developed for easy sinking and easy boarding materials. Through many years of extensive user verification, the advantages of anti-settling and anti-knot boarding are superior to traditional vertical planetary ball mills.