What is Planetary Ball Mill

- Nov 11, 2020-

What is a laboratory planetary ball mill? Laboratory planetary ball mill is a small high-energy ball mill, which has a very significant effect on the treatment of small batch of materials. The ball mill is equipped with four ball milling jars, which can grind various materials. During high-speed operation, with the constant friction of the grinding medium in the jar, it can quickly crush, and finally make the powder reach 0.1 mm or even nano level, which is a very good one for scientific research and experiment.

The role of laboratory planetary ball mill in scientific research is as follows:

The laboratory ball mill not only makes the laboratory grinding more simple and convenient, but also can grind the experimental samples to micron and nano scale. At the same time, high-energy ball milling also makes some new experimental methods such as mechanical alloying realized. In the past, the grinding jar was used in the laboratory sample grinding, and then some pulverizers and grinding prototypes appeared. With the miniaturization, intellectualization and performance improvement of the ball mill, the emergence of new models, the experimental ball mill began to be popular in the laboratory grinding process. Small size, high efficiency, high performance At the same time, it can be dry grinding, wet grinding, vacuum grinding, low temperature grinding, atmosphere protection grinding. The grinding effect of micron level and even nanometer level changes the significance of traditional sample crushing. High energy ball milling and mechanical alloying are favored in the research and manufacture of new materials.

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