Ball Milling Jar Mill Rollers

Lab ball milling for powder grinding and mixing Widely used in electron,ceramic,daubing,glass flour,luminophore material,nonmetallic ore,explosive,medicine etc
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Ball milling jar mill rollers

The lab jar ball mill with different capacity:

1*5L/ 1*10L

2*5L/ 2*10L

4*5L/ 4*10L

8*5L/ 8*10L

The effective capacity for material is about 1/3 volume of the equipment. You can put 1/3 material and 1/3 media balls into the jars, then leave about 1/3 space for grinding.

Areas of application:

They are commonly used in research institutions, universities and even industrial production for mixing, homogenization and dispersion up to 0.1μm. Because of the mill's versatility, we have customers in virtually every industry such as mining, agriculture, metallurgy, electrical, electronics, materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nuclear industries.


Principle of operation:

The grinding sample is comminuted by high-energy impacts from grinding balls and friction between balls and the grinding jar wall.

image image


  • Frequency conversion control speed,program control.

  • The roller wheelbase can be adjusted.

  • The outer lining of the roller shaft with wear-resistant polyurethane to increase friction coefficient and prevent sliding jar deformation.

  • Feeding granularity less than 3mm,soil <=10mm

Specification of 2*5L jar mill rollers:

jar mill rollers

Ball milling jar mill rollers, OEM&ODM order accepted.

We also provide jars/pots for the lab jar roll ball mills: 304 stainless steel, PA, PU, PTFE, Alumina, etc


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