Horizontal Lab Milling Equipment

Laboratory roll ball mill is for small batch production with ultra-fine grinding, mixing. The machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient operation, high working efficiency, and fine grain size.
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Product Details

Horizontal lab milling equipment

The horizontal lab milling equipment is a kind of sample pulverizing machine, which can grind coarse particles into micro powders. It can mill the materials from 10mm maximum into 15um minimum powder. This machine can deal 0.3L to 10L material per time depends on the model choose 

Technical Data

Horizontal lab milling equipment


(1) Single tank, feeding grain size: ≤10MM diameter, output grain size: 13μm minimum diameter.
(2) Loading rate of ball mill can not exceed 70% of the effective volume of grinding cylinder.

Working Principle

When ball mill works, the grinding media and the materials of the cylinder raise to a certain height. Due to the gravity, they fall down from the tube wall. The materials are crushed under the impact action of the grinding media, also by the friction and shearing action of the grinding media’s rolling and sliding. The final size can be 13um to 25um.

Varies materials of milling tanks


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