Lab Roller Ball Mill 4*5L With Safety Cover

Lab Roller Ball Mill 4*5L With Safety Cover

The safety cover is added to the original design of the product, which increases the safety of production.
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Product Details

The roller mill has three rotating shafts, one of which is powered by the motor belt pulley and can roll at high speed. The rubber roller inserted on the rotating shaft is made of polyurethane, which has good friction, heat resistance and wear resistance. The ball mill pot placed on the rubber roller can also roll at high speed under the rolling of the drive shaft, which makes the materials and grinding balls in the ball mill tank work under gravity, friction and impact force This energy can make the material achieve the effect of crushing, mixing and homogenizing.

Process features:

1. The transmission shaft is made of chrome plated material, which is bright and beautiful without rust, and is convenient for lateral adjustment of cots;

2. The thick square steel structure is selected, the control cabinet shell is made of fine workmanship and thickened material, which is solid and durable as a whole;

3. The inside and outside are treated by milky white plastic spraying, which is smooth, exquisite and effective in corrosion prevention;

4. Select Delixi brand control system and Dedong brand high-quality motor;

5. The control cabinet is easy to open and maintain;

6. The safety cover is added to make the machine run more safely and efficiently;

Performance index:

· Application: crushing, grinding, mixing, homogenizing, polishing, etc

· application fields: agriculture, chemical industry, beauty, glass, ceramics, textile, electronics, teaching, scientific research, etc

· sample characteristics: heavy weight, ultra light, high viscosity, strong, liquid, corrosive, easy to oxidize, etc

· crushing principle: friction, impact and shear

· grinding structure: Horizontal

· charging mode: intermittent

· Dry mill: Yes

· Wet mill: Yes

· Vacuum mill: Yes

· maximum feed size: 20 mm

· discharge particle size: 300-500 mesh

· station layer: single layer

· number of workers in grinding jar: 4pcs

· ball mill jar volume: 0.5l/1l/1.5l/2l/3l/4l/5l

· ball mill speed: 480r / min

· transmission shaft material: chrome plated steel

· drive shaft diameter: 25mm

· cot material: Polyurethane

· type of ball mill: horizontal practical type, horizontal vacuum type

· material of ball mill jar: stainless steel, nylon, polypropylene, ultra-high density polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane, corundum, zirconia, agate

· grinding ball material: stainless steel, corundum, alumina, agate, cemented carbide, etc

· grinding ball size: 3-30mm

· grinding time setting: digital display, 00:00:01 to 99:59:59

· pause time setting: digital display, 00:00:01 to 99:59:59

· intermittent operation time setting: digital display, 00:00:01 to 99:59:59

· drive: frequency converter, three-phase AC motor

· driving voltage: 220 /110V

· driving power: 0.75kw

· frequency: 50/60 Hz

· power connector: single phase

· protection level: IP53

· Accessories: instruction manual, warranty card and certificate

· net weight: 100kg

· gross weight: 120kg

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