Lab Size Roller Mill

For lab powder grinding and mixing
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Product Details

Working principle:

When ball mill works, the grinding media and the materials of the cylinder raise to a certain height. Due to the gravity, they fall down from the tube wall.The materials are crushed under the impact action of the grinding media,also by the friction andshearing action of the grinding media's rolling and sliding.


Item NO.: DECO-PM-2*5L

Product name: Lab horizontal roll ball mill

Electrical details: AC110V, 60Hz, or AC220V, 50Hz, 0.75KW

Compatible jars: 0.5L,1L,2L, 3L, 4L,5L

Jar materials: 304stainless steel, PA, PU, PTFE, alumina, ceramic, etc

Rotation speed of jars: 30-410±10 rpm


Paint, titanium oxide, quartz sand, graphite, seeds, glass, soil, etc


1. Normal shafts


The shafts can be all covered by PU, it is easier to fit 0.5L-5L different size of jars.


2. Normal lab size ball mill


Can be designed with protective cover, in case the jars moving and cause accidents.


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