Laboratory Grinding Ball Mill

Features of laboratory grinding ball mill: Compact structure, easy to operate; High working efficiency, uniform grinding fine-grained ; Can use different milling tanks with different outer diameter within a certain range by adjusting the space between PU rolls . Tanks changing is convenient....
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Laboratory Grinding Ball Mill


  1. Compact structure, easy to operate;

  2. High working efficiency, uniform grinding fine-grained ;

  3. Can use different milling tanks with different outer diameter within a certain range by adjusting the space between PU rolls .

  4. Tanks changing is convenient. Suitable for both wet and dry grinding;


Item NO.: DECO-PM-1*5L-C

Electrical details: AC110V, 60Hz, or AC220V, 50Hz, 0.25KW

Compatible jars: 0.5L,1L,2L, 3L, 4L,5L

Jar materials: 304stainless steel, PA, PU, PTFE, alumina, ceramic, etc

Rotation speed of jars: 30-480±10 rpm

Dimension: W750*D450*H400mm

Net weight: 40KG


Paint, titanium oxide, quartz sand, graphite, seeds, glass, soil, etc

DECO-PM-1*5L laboratory grinding ball mill:


Various materials of milling tanks:


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