Laboratory Roller Jar Mill With Safety Cover

This is a laboratory roller jar mill with a protective cover, which can help to mix, mix, grind samples, and design the protective cover, making it more user-friendly and safe.
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Product Details

                                          Laboratory roller jar mill with safety cover

Product introduction:

"DECO-PM-4 * 5/10L" roller jar mill, also known as the rolling machine, can be used in chemical industry, materials, metallurgy, ceramics, glass and other industries powder production, as well as university and scientific research unit sample development. The equipment can prevent the use of up to four ball milling tanks with a volume of 0.5-5l at the same time, with a maximum output of 20L and three chrome plated optical shafts. It can adjust the optical shaft spacing and the rubber roller spacing for the use of ball milling jars with different volumes. The high-quality Dedong brand motor and Delixi brand frequency conversion system are selected, which are widely used in the production of industrial powders in various fields and the development of scientific research and teaching samples.

This product has been improved on the conventional products, and the safety cover has been added, which greatly improves the safety and stability of the product.

working principle:

There are three rotating shafts in the roller jar mill, one of which is powered by the motor pulley, which can roll at high speed. The rubber roller inserted on the rotating shaft is made of polyurethane, which has good friction, heat resistance and wear resistance. The ball mill jar placed on the rubber roller also rolls at high speed under the rolling of the transmission shaft, which makes the materials in the ball mill jar and the grinding ball under the action of gravity, friction and impact force This kind of energy can make the material achieve the effect of crushing, mixing and homogenizing;

Process characteristics:

1. The transmission shaft is made of chrome plated material, which is bright, beautiful, rust free and easy to adjust the distance horizontally;

2. It adopts the bold square steel structure, and the shell of the control cabinet is made of fine workmanship and thickened material, which is solid and durable as a whole;

3. The inside and outside are treated with milky white spray molding, which is smooth, exquisite and effective anti-corrosion;

4. The control cabinet is easy to open for maintenance;

5. Safety cover is added, which is safer and more stable when used.

Technical Data

Working Principle

impact and friction force

Item No.


Compatible Grinding Jars

4* (500ml~5000ml~1000ml) horizontal jars

Max Feeding Capacity

2/3 capacity of the grinding jar

No. of Tiers

single tier

Max Feeding Granularity*


Discharging Granularity


Support Frame

formed and welded steel with white epoxy coating

Rotational Speed of Grinding Jar


No. of Rollers


Roller Dimension


Roller Support

ball bearing pillow blocks

Max Roller Spacing

260mm (adjustable)

Electrical Details

110/220VAC, 60Hz, 0.75KW

Net Weight


Dimension (L*W*H)


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