Roller Mill Lab Scale

Lab scale roller mill for mixing and grinding
Suitable for different materials of tanks: 304SS, PA, PU, PTFE, Ceramic,etc
Can be wet/dry grinding
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Product Details

Roller mill lab scale


Ideal for R & D and small production runs
Single or multi-tier design
One, two, or four jars per tier
Jars of different sizes and materials can be used simultaneously
Multiple samples can be ground simultaneously
No Cross-contamination between samples
Adjustable speed ratios
Reliable for continuous use
No strict weight balancing required

Areas of application:

They are commonly used in research institutions, universities and even industrial production for mixing, homogenization and dispersion up to 10 μm. Because of the mill's versatility, we have customers in virtually every industry such as mining, agriculture, metallurgy, electrical, electronics, materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nuclear industries.


roller mill lab scale

Detailed images:

1. Normal type


2. With protective case and roller all be covered by PU.

image image

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