Inert Atmosphere Glove Box

Vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) effectively solves the problems of easy oxidation and deliquescence, the device can make the test samples safely putting in and taking out, and in anhydrous and anaerobic conditions ease of operation, reaction and testing, ensure the normal scientific experiments.
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Inert atmosphere glove box


In the process of scientific experiments, some substances in the air easily oxidation and deliquescence, which make the test substances and chemical reactions of sample processing is very difficult, it will affect the test process and test result. 

Vacuum glove box(also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) can solve the problems effectively, the device can make the test samples safely put into and remove, and in the absence of oxygen under the operation, reaction and testing to ensure the normal operation of the scientific experiment.
The Nitrogen Glove Box is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, electronic, geological, mineral, pharmaceutical and other departments. Electronic materials, magnetic materials, battery, biological cultivation, food vacuum packing, battery materials, etc


110V/220VAC, 50/60Hz

Glove Box Chamber

•  Glove Box : DECO-VGB-304-2-B

•  Single Sided and Single Length (2 Ports)

•  Case Material : Made of 5mm thickness 304 stainless steel sheet which provide heavy duty structure for vacuum

•  Dimensions : 600mm(L) x 530mm(W) x 500mm(H)

•  With 2 glove ports, Dia145mm

•  Max. Positive Pressure : 0 MPa

•  Max. Vacuum Level : -0.1 MPa


•  Dimensions : 218mm(OD) x 205mm(ID) x 280mm(L) 

•  304 stainless steel, mounted on right end panel

•  Manual antechamber ball valves for evacuation and refill

•  Max. Vacuum Level : -0.1 MPa

Glovebox Purge

•  Manual 304 stainless steel ball valve. Standard feature.

LED Light

•  12V 28W 1800LM LED rigid bar, inner fixed over the window

Glove Port Cover

•  Dia160mm x 8mm(T), 304 stainless steel sliding tray

Internal Power Extension

•  One extension socket (Max power 6000W) is installed in the glove box main chamber.


•  Size : 200mm(D) x 800mm(L) x 0.4mm(T)

•  One pair of Black Butyl Gloves are included for immediate use

Vacuum Pump

•  Pumping rate : 2.1 CFM (3.6 m3/h)

•  Rotary-vane Vacuum Pump

Net Weight

•  150KG



 •  One year limited warranty with lifetime support
 •  Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty

 Application note:
 •  Always check the joints, gloves, sealing elements, and pipelines for air-tightness before and during the operation
 •  Corrosive gases are prohibited as they will damage the sensors
 •  The inlet and outlet of the Antechamber must not be opened at the same time to prevent contamination by the external gas

Standard exported polywood case. 



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