Sealed Glove Boxes Lab Equipment

The operation box is mainly made of the main cabinet, stainless chamber with airlock system and pedestal. If the user has other special requirements, it can also be designed as needed. There are two to three glove interfaces on the main cabinet. The front of operation box is organic glass, the...
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Sealed Glove Boxes Lab Equipment

The operation box is mainly made of the main cabinet, stainless chamber with airlock system and pedestal. If the user has other special requirements, it can also be designed as needed. 

There are two to three glove interfaces on the main cabinet. The front of operation box is organic glass, the operation can be clearly observed.

There are two vacuum ball valves on the box, users can use it according the requirement. The cabinets installed lighting bulbs and porous socket.

  1. The entire cabinet is made of stainless steel, and then reinforce processing, surface spray, so it is sturdy, corrosion resistant and easy to clean;

  2. The front side of operation box is organic glass, with broad perspective without dead angle,

  3. The cabinets installed lighting bulbs and porous socket

  4. Operating gloves are reliable and durable which sealed with thick latex gloves;

  5. The small stainless chamber makes it easy to put in or take out substances or tools.


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