Analysis Of Grinding Time Of Planetary Ball Mill: No Useless Work

- Apr 23, 2018-

In our fixed mind, the longer the grinding time of planetary ball mills is, the finer the material will be, but during the experiment or production process, the grinding time is not proportional to the size of the material being discharged. To know the effect of the grinding time of the planetary ball mill on the fineness of the discharge, it is necessary to first understand the entire process of the ball mill.

In the planetary ball mill, the material particle size can be roughly divided into three stages: the first stage material size rapidly decreases under high-energy ball milling; when the second stage material is fine to a certain degree, the fineness decrease becomes more and more difficult; The three-phase material fineness no longer changes or some of the particles begin to increase in size.

Planetary ball mill grinding process is a very complex process, and then analyzed from the individual particles: During ball milling, the material particles continue to be subjected to a variety of forces in the grinding ball in the ball mill tank, the cracks on the surface of the particles also continue to expand, causing the particles to crack or Plastic deformation, particle size becomes smaller; With the increase of grinding time, particle size is also becoming smaller, when the material particle size reaches a certain degree of fineness, the surface cracks have become smaller, continue to grind the material particles will only produce plastic deformation And no longer burst.