How To Deal With The Problem Of Ball Mill Wear Reasonably Regulate The Use Of Ball Mills?

- Apr 23, 2018-

At present, most planetary ball mills are manually controlled, so there will be material grinding and assembly is unreasonable, the grinding effect is poor, and the ball mill has a large loss. In the experimental ball mill, because of the unreasonable grinding of the assembly materials, the selection of grinding tanks and the number of assemblies according to different materials resulted in a decrease in the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. When grinding, ventilation, drying, grinding and other methods are not standardized, there is an increase in energy consumption.

So how to deal with the loss of the ball mill? How to reasonably regulate the use of ball mills? When grinding, if there are impurities and large materials in the material, it should be graded to maximize the material utilization. According to the characteristics of materials, grinding requirements of different specifications of the ball mill tank material and grinding ball to enhance the grinding effect. At the same time, the structure of the ball mill liner and the means of installation are also important, which can increase the height of the grinding ball falling off and improve the effect of grinding thickness.

Through the analysis of the working principle of the ball mill, the rational use of ball mill is standardized, the loss of the ball mill is reduced, and the production efficiency is increased so as to meet the requirements of the experiment.