Introduction To Ball Mills For Planetary Ball Mills

- Apr 23, 2018-

The ball mill for planetary ball mill is designed to deal with the variety of materials. Through the replacement of different material ball mill tanks, the material can be used in stainless steel ball mill tank, zirconia ball mill tank, alumina ball mill tank, agate ball mill tank and other materials. Inside the tank, it can quickly and conveniently provide a suitable grinding space for each material.

We know that nature's materials are all sorts of strange things. They are different in hardness and hardness, different in acid and alkali resistance, different in anti-oxidation ability, and different in activity... so many materials with different characteristics, no matter how peculiar the materials are, they can't do everything.

Ball mill jars for planetary ball mills can use hard alloy ball mill jars to “harden hard” materials with high hardness; love and metal react materials can use agate ball mill jars, nylon ball mill jars; vacuum ball mill jars for easy oxide materials, etc. Wait. It is always possible to use a ball mill jar with the most suitable material for each material.

Planetary ball mills are very simple planetary ball mill parts, but they have a major impact on the grinding effect and efficiency of planetary ball mills. Material grinding, mixing, and disperse homogenization tend to do more with less. It requires not only an excellent planetary ball mill but also a suitable material for the ball mill tank.