Oxygen Removal And Regeneration Gas In Laboratory Vacuum Glove Box Equipment

- Apr 23, 2018-

Due to the fact that some special substances are easily deliquescent in the air during the experiment, the laboratory vacuum glove box can effectively solve these problems. The vacuum glove box can be operated under vacuum to prevent material decomposition. During the experiment, the glove box filters through the purification system and discharges the live material of the material, so that the operating environment maintains a high-purity vacuum state, effectively eliminating the O2, H20, and organic gases.

If the oxygen concentration in the glove box exceeds 200 PPM, the glove box equipment should be tested immediately, otherwise the water and oxygen purification system will be damaged, which will affect the experimental results. When starting the vacuum pump cleaning system, make sure that the oxygen in the glove box has been cleared to ensure sufficient supply of regeneration gas. Normally, the regeneration gas pressure is 0.06-0.0mpa. It takes 24 hours to start the regeneration process. After the operation is started, it cannot be disconnected. The pressure of the regeneration gas is properly adjusted to ensure sufficient gas for the regeneration of the glove box during the experiment.