Planetary Ball Mill Grinding And Crushing Equipment Of Choice

- Apr 23, 2018-

In the ultra-fine grinding and grinding of materials, the user will always prefer a planetary ball mill. Why is planetary ball mill so popular in powder equipment? It should start from the aspects of its working principle and scope of application.

Planetary ball mills mainly work in a planetary mode of operation. Planetary operations are similar to the rotation and revolution of celestial planets. Planetary ball mills of planetary ball mills revolve around planetary disks at high speeds. With rotation and revolution, the grinding ball in the ball mill tank is continuously plunged towards the material, and the material is quickly ground to micron or even nanometer.

In addition to high grinding efficiency, high performance and simple operation, planetary ball mills can also be equipped with agate ball mill tanks, stainless steel ball mill tanks, zirconia ball mill tanks, alumina ball mill tanks, etc. With the addition of vacuum ball mill jars made of various materials, planetary ball mills can be dry-grinded, wet-milled, vacuum-grinded, and atmosphere-protected milled, which has doubled the range of use of other ultra-fine powder equipment.