Planetary Ball Mill Uses The Following Points

- Apr 23, 2018-

The continuous development and innovation of planetary ball mills has made planetary ball mills reach a new high in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, application range, and ease of operation and maintenance. However, in the face of such a strange and extraordinary material in the natural world, some materials are being grinded. Still, there may be similar defects such as sinking, sticking, reunion, knotting, etc., which not only affect the grinding efficiency, but also cause the grinding effect not to reach the standard.

How to solve the various defects that will occur when planetary ball mill grinds requires us to continue testing. For the sticking problem of planetary ball mills, it will cause the material to be inefficient in grinding, mixing and dispersion, or fail to succeed. To reduce the sticky wall, the following points may be used:

When the planetary ball mill adopts the wet grinding method, the grinding aid will continuously fill the gap between the materials during processing to prevent the material particles from re-bonding together. This method can be used when the dry grinding sticks the wall; the drying material can To reduce the moisture content of some materials, prevent hydrolysis, reduce viscosity, and have a good effect on the adhesion of substances with large moisture content; prevent excessively high grinding temperatures. For materials with a low melting point, it is a good method to prevent sticking of the wall, especially metals; The setting of parameters such as the rotation speed and the like for the reduction of the sticking wall need to be continuously verified based on the characteristics of the material.