Product Packaging, Delivery Method And Freight Description

- Jan 14, 2021-

Product packaging:

Before delivery, the products are continuously aged for more than 24 hours to ensure the best performance before delivery. The packaging is wrapped in dustproof film, placed in a strong wooden box and filled with foam board. After the packaging is completed, there are safety warning labels posted outside the box, such as no rain, no dumping and no pressure. The box can bear at least 200 kilograms of pressure to ensure the absolute safety of the product in transit. After going to the logistics point to pick up the goods or deliver the goods to the receiving address, please check whether the goods are in good condition and whether the quantity is correct before signing, and sign for acceptance after confirmation. If the goods are seriously damaged or missing in quantity, please contact the shipper in time to communicate and decide whether to sign for the goods.

Delivery method:

The products with light total amount can be delivered by domestic express companies, while the products with large weight can be delivered by logistics. We can choose the logistics company according to the customer's requirements. If there are no special requirements for logistics, we will choose the most economical and fast logistics company to deliver by investigating the actual logistics situation of the receiving address. Items related to product delivery are as follows:

Choose express: DHL / TNT / FedEx, etc

Mode of transportation: aircraft / ship (customs clearance and pick-up required)

Delivery mode: self delivery / door to door delivery

Freight payment: cash / collect

Freight calculation:

According to the package size and weight of the purchased products, you can check the transportation expenses on the official website of the relevant logistics company. Please ask the customer service personnel to obtain the specific package and weight information of the purchased products.