The Most Important Parameters Of Planetary Ball Mill: Speed

- Apr 23, 2018-

Rotation speed is an extremely important settable parameter of planetary ball mill. Different rotation speeds directly affect the grinding, mixing and uniform dispersion of planetary ball mills. Can not find a suitable speed, from the work efficiency is reduced, the effect becomes worse, and the result is that the material mixing, dispersion processing can not be successful, for example, in the process of cell crushing, mechanical alloying and other processes directly determines the size of the success.

The planetary ball mill works like a celestial planet, so it not only has its own rotation but also its revolution. The two rotational speeds are affected by the ratio of the planetary gears, that is, the proportion of different equipment is not the same, and the proportion of equipment on the same station is fixed. At present, the speed of the domestic planetary ball mills refers to the rotation speed, and the control panel displays the rotation speed.

Finding the best speed of the planetary ball mill needs to be determined by many factors such as the model, the size of the ball mill, the size of the planets, and the material properties. For ordinary planetary ball mill users, the calculation or experimental judgment is very complicated and will not be repeated here. However, it can provide an easy way for engineers to teach: After turning on the planetary ball mill, continuously increase the rotation speed. When the ball hits the ball grinding tank, the maximum impact force of the grinding ball is the highest. At this time, the rotation speed can be the best reference.