2L Planetary Ball Mill For Soil

The soil planetary ball mill is a ball mill for soil samples, equipped with 4 agate ball mill jar and agate grinding balls.
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1. In the field of electronic building materials, grinding of electronic components, ceramic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and other products

2. Food and drug industry: grinding of plant powder, medicine, dry food and other products

3. In the field of plant and mineral analysis, product grinding, product grinding, metal powder grinding, etc.


Feed sizeSoil material ≤ 10 mm, other materials ≤ 3 mm
Speed (R / min)Revolution: 50-400r / min, rotation: 100-800r / min
Speed control modeStepless speed regulation, manual speed regulation, automatic timing positive and negative rotation, automatic shutdown
Maximum sample sizeTwo thirds of grinding jar container (including grinding ball)
Ball mill jarwith 4 pcs agate ball mill jar and agate balls
Vibration sieveIt is suitable for screening powder, granular and liquid materials. It can be used with soil planetary ball mill
Screen materialStainless steel screen
Number of layers of screenEquipped with ten screens,up to seven layers of sieve can be placed, 20-200 mesh
Configuration list1 set planetary ball mill,4 pcs agate jars with balls,1 set vibration sieve

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