4 Stations Planetary Ball Mill For Lab

This planetary ball mill is used for grinding laboratory samples, widely used in machinery, medicine, cosmetics, new energy, testing and other fields.
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Product Details

  4 stations planetary ball mill for lab

working principle:

The working principle is to use the abrasive and the test material to roll in the grinding tank at high speed to produce strong shearing, impact and rolling of the materials, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying materials.

The planetary ball mill is equipped with four ball milling tanks on the same turntable. When the turntable rotates, the ball milling tank rotates around its own axis and makes star like motion. The grinding balls in the tank collide with each other in high-speed motion, grinding and mixing samples.


Planetary ball mill is designed for grinding, dispersing metal, nonmetallic, organic, Chinese herbal medicine and other powders, especially suitable for laboratory research and use.

The product can be ground and mixed by dry and wet methods. The minimum particle size of the product can be 0.1 μ M. At the same time, due to its advantages of small batch, low power consumption and low price, it is the preferred equipment for crushing process, new materials and coating research in university, research institutes and companies. 

Technical Data

Working Principle

impact and friction force

Item No.


Compatible Grinding Jars


Max Feeding Capacity

1/3 capacity of the grinding jar

Operation Mode

2 or 4 grinding jars working simultaneously

Feeding Granularity*

Soil materials < 10mm, others materials < 3mm

Discharging Granularity

down to 0.1μm

Sample Type

hard, medium-hard, soft, fibrous, brittle, moist

Rotational Speed of Grinding Jar


Rotational Speed Ratio

1 : -2

Drive Mode

gear drive and belt drive

Speed Control

stepless speed regulation

Electrical Details

220/110VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.25KW

Max Continuous Grinding Time

72hours (full-load)



Dimension (L*W*H)


Size of Planetary Disk


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