Lab Grinding Mill For Metallurgy

Powder grinding for metallurgy Used for lab grinding, mixing and metal alloying
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Lab grinding mill for metallurgy

Working principle:

The lab grinding mill crushing the materials by friction and impact force created by grinding jars and balls. The friction and impact energy produced by the centrifugal force form a significant comminution effect on the material.


The planetary lab grinding mill can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. It is widely applied in industries of geology, food, electronics, ceramics, chemical, medical, construction, mineral, environmental protection, powder metallurgy, etc

Technical detail:



Grinding tank volume (L)


Grinding tank material

Depend on material, 304stainless steel, PA, PTFE,PU,Agate, Zirconium oxide, Alumina, Tungsten carbide for choice

Grinding media

Depend on material,304stainless steel, PTFE,PU,Agate, Zirconium oxide, Alumina, Tungsten carbide for choice

Maximum loading per tank

Material and grinding medium does not exceed two-thirds of the volume

Feeding and discharging material size

For hard materials: Input size: 3mm maximum; Output size: 0.1~15μm minimum

For soft and brittle materials: Input size: 10mm maximum; Output size: 0.1-5μm minimum.

Rotating speed

Revolution  400r/min ,  Rotation 800 r/min

Speed mode

Frequency, programmable stepless speed regulation, manual, automatic timing forward and reverse

Transfer method

Gear drive

Working Voltage

AC220V/ 110V

Motor power and variable frequency power


Maximum continuous operating time


Programmable control

Ball mill use frequency converter control, can be set to forward and reverse alternately run(0-999min) and forward, pause, reverse, pause, forward (0-999min) alternate operation according to the procedure. Particularly suitable for cooling or intermittent operation.

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Related grinding tools:

The lab grinding mill can grind different material depends on the grinding jar type. The jar material can be 304stainless steel, tungsten carbide, agate,  alumina, zirconia, PA, PTFE, PU, etc


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