Lab Use Ball Mill

Lab Use Ball Mill Working Principle When ball mill works, the grinding media and the materials of the cylinder raise to a certain height. Due to the gravity, they fall down from the tube wall. The materials are crushed under the impact action of the grinding media, also by the friction and...
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Lab Use Ball Mill

Working Principle

When ball mill works, the grinding media and the materials of the cylinder raise to a certain height. Due to the gravity, they fall down from the tube wall.

The materials are crushed under the impact action of the grinding media, also by the friction and shearing action of the grinding media’s rolling and sliding.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Plywood case + Foam

Delivery Detail: Within 3-7 working days after full payment


Lab use ball mill

Item No.:Specification
DECO-PM-1*5L0.25KW, 220V, 0-480 rpm
DECO-PM-1*10/15L0.75KW,220V, 0-480 rpm
DECO-PM-2*5L860*420*690mm, 0.75KW,220V, 0-410rpm
DECO-PM-2*10/15L1.5KW,220V, 0-340 rpm
DECO-PM-4*10/15L1140*810*680mm, 1.5KW,220V,0-340rpm
DECO-PM-8*5L860*660*1000mm, 1.5KW,220V, 0-410rpm
DECO-PM-8*10/15L2.2KW, 380V,0-365 rpm

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Besides the ball mill equipment, our factory can also provide the accessories

1. Ball mill pot :  304 stainless steel pot,PU pot, PA nylon pot,  PTFE pot, Alumina Ceramic pot, etc

2. Ball mill media balls: 304 stainless steel ball, zirconia ball, alumina ball, etc

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